• The SECURITY POLICY of the Company is aimed at providing a safe and secure work environment on ship by establishing and maintaining measures needed to prevent unlawful actions onboard the ships that threaten the safety and security of personnel, property and environment.
  • The Objective of the Company is to identify, detect and deter terrorist or criminal activities occurring on board or to the ship, and provide for Emergency Response measures for likely security incidents.
  • In order to achieve the above, the vessel shall observe the procedural requirements specified in the Ship Security Plan (SSP).
  • The Company will cooperate with international bodies / states in their endeavour to deter Maritime terrorism.
  • The Company undertakes to provide the necessary support to the Company Security officer (CSO), the Master of the vessel and the Ship Security officer (SSO) to enable them to carry out their duties and responsibilities effectively as required by the Chapter XI-2 of SOLAS 1974 as amended and the ISPS code and also to assist in enhancing security awareness amongst all crew.
  • The Master has the Overriding Authority to take or execute any decision, which in the professional judgment of the Master, is necessary to maintain the Safety and Security of the vessel.