• The Company undertakes to provide its employees with information, equipment and training for carrying out their jobs safely and with due regards to the Environment. The Company believes all incidents including hazardous occurrences are avoidable and should be thoroughly investigated in order to avoid reoccurrence.
  • The Company shall regularly review its Quality, Health Safety and Environment policy and its objectives for suitability by conducting management reviews. Amendments shall be made based on such reviews. The Company will strive to provide a healthy working environment to all its employees.
  • The Company requires all its employees and contractors to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner, minimize waste, reduce consumption of resources, commit to recovery and recycling and arrange for safe disposal of residual wastes.
  • The Company has established Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for all its operations to measure and monitor the effectiveness of its QHSE Management Systems.
  • The Company will strive to improve its services through feedback received from customers.
  • The Company shall strictly enforce Environmental Management System and take disciplinary action including dismissal of any employee who obstructs, hinders or presents false information or makes false statements during any inspection, monitoring or auditing, or inspection function required by Environmental Management System (EMS) or to any Government authority performing an inspection or Port State Control Activity. The Master and Chief Engineer on board the ships shall be directly responsible for undertaking all measures necessary to comply with the company‚Äôs objectives and prevent pollution of the environment by safe ship operation.